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Hello & Self-Intro from New Members

Just wanted to start the first thread on it..

My name is Jenny Liang. I did my MBA a few years back and now work in Talent Acquisition. I'm a California girl! 

Would love to network and keep supporting this community. It will do wonders for helping c

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Ask all your questions!

Help us engage this community by asking questions and starting discussions!

Feel free to ask questions to:

  1. Current MBA students about their experiences in the school, admissions process, etc
  2. Other working Asian professionals about their careers/care
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How much is it to attend the conference?

Hi, I was considering attending this conference for networking opportunities, etc.

Didn't see pricing on this site but where could I find more exact numbers? 

Thank you, 


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Community Member Feedback Welcome

We here at AsianMBA are always striving to make our online community better.

Although Ning 3.0 Technology is not fully implemented, we hope to have full functionality in the second half of 2013. 

Please don't hesitate to post your recommendations, c

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