I apologize for being lazy...

Although I was committed to provide you with as much relevant and useful information as possible to you all, but I haven't done that for the past few months.  From here on, since many ends are now tied, I should be able to concentrate on doing that.  At the same time, I need help from all of you to be active as well.  When we start our dialogue and exchange ideas, we can all benefit from it.

For now, everyone's focus is on our upcoming 6th annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo in October in NYC.  I am going to make sure I update the information on the website.  Not only the name of the companies that signs up from now until the event day, but I am also going to post as much details as possible on the job titles they will be coming to recruit for along with the job location, H!B sponsorship, and any other helpful information. 

I would like to encourage you to participate at the Forum discussion on 2014 Conference.  Ask me any questions you might have or talk about anything you'd like.

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